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The building lurks before you like a coiled dragon with a thousand gasoline eyes. Enter it if you dare!

Burn the Koran and Die

It's the last taboo in modern American life.

Edge of the Cliff

A short, satirical, melodramatic romance that spoofs the non-interactive movement in IF.

New Cat

You are the new cat in the household. Today He has left the door to your place open. If you explore the new world, can you get a name?


Some days you make the potion, some days the potion makes you -- or breaks you.

*-- Download an interpreter to play: Gargoyle (Win/Mac/Linux) is recommended --*


BBEdit Inform Tools 3.0

Syntax-coloring for Inform, glossary terms (i.e. templates) with an installer. (BBEdit 7 / Mac OS 9)

Inform bundle for Textmate

Syntax and keyword-coloring for Inform. (Textmate 1 / Mac OS X 10.5+)


Sound From Above Records

In Autumn Dreams

Gothic doom metal. The mournful hope of salvation...

Intaligo decries the use of government force to compel financial support of abortion and stands with those who wish to conduct business according to their own consciences.

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